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Debunking fears about buying landscape material online (updated for 2020)

Sep 3, 2020 3:19:52 PM / by LandscapeHub

We've covered this topic in the past, but debunking the fears of buying in our industry is something we're passionate about, and the rationale for expanding your purchasing network bares repeating. 

As a buyer, you have many factors that impact what you have access to, what price you’ll pay, and how you’ll get your materials. The problem is that not using online landscape supply could be keeping you from finding better ways to source the products you need.

To help clear up any confusion, we've created a list of common misconceptions about buying online that could be holding you back. 

True or False? You can only buy from suppliers in your area

FALSE! FALSE FALSE! (Sorry, for the empathic response 😊 ) How many suppliers do you currently buy from? Are they all right in your backyard? While it’s great to work with local suppliers, you may be limiting yourself.

Plants are living things; it’s harder to get access to them when there are lots of miles in-between, but thanks to advancements in freight capabilities, there are cost-effective opportunities to buy outside your local market. 

This is where LandscapeHub comes in. Our platform brings buyers and sellers together in a transparent marketplace. We show real-time pricing and sellers have all been vetted for quality by our team. But back to the question on getting plants outside of your region. We have our own freight team that does AMAZING work to aggregate and connect shipments across the country. In short, we love coordinating logistics so go ahead and open up your boundaries and see what other products might be available to you.

True or False? You’re already getting the best price on product

With local vendors, this might be true. It might be their best price, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best price in the market. If you limit your suppliers to only a handful, you’ll pay the price they set. Even if you purchase a large volume, you still may not have any negotiating power.

Since price is such a critical part of your operations, it’s worth taking another look at all of your options. If you join LandscapeHub, you’ll have access to more than a handful of sources, and ultimately, more options for product.

True or False? Some plants are impossible to find anyway

This myth is only true IF your sources are limited. Maybe you are used to always having to substitute product based on availability. Sometimes it won’t matter, but sometimes it absolutely will, especially if the homeowner is very passionate about that particular plant.

Instead of having to go back to clients with substitutions, expand your network. You can’t guarantee that you’ll find everything every time, but it drastically improves your odds. You'll also have the benefit of working directly with our team who can help you find what you need, even if we don't have it listed on the marketplace. How's that for customer service?

True or False? The industry supply chain will always be complicated

Yes, the supply chain for landscaping companies can be a challenge, but it doesn't HAVE to be. Joining a marketplace like LandscapeHub will improve your supply chain because it works seamless. You search, quote, order, and select delivery or pickup. It’s that simple. Plus, all your orders are in one spot, so there’s no back and forth with every single supplier on every single order to try to reconcile things. 

True or False? Buying landscape material online is too complicated

LandscapeHub is designed to be intuitive. It’s easy to search for products, see quantities and pricing, and place orders. You won’t need lots of training, but you can certainly find all the answers you need in our Help Center or by reaching out to our support team.

You can access the site from your smartphone or mobile device, so you can even order directly from the field. 

So, what are you waiting for? LandscapeHub is easy to join and free to use. You’ll immediately gain access to over 280 suppliers. Go ahead and sign up. We look forward to seeing you on the Hub!

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