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Going digital in the green industry (part three): buyer advantages

Jun 18, 2020 1:08:31 PM / by LandscapeHub

As a buyer considering participating in an online market need only look at his or her current sourcing model. Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You spend multiple hours a day chasing down hard to find plants or the quantity you need.
  • Your pricing model for your customers is in disarray.
  • Because it’s nearly impossible to keep costs for any product fixed, your margins are all over the place.
  • You lose jobs because you can’t quickly put quotes together.

These situations hold you back from making more money, optimizing your time, and expanding your sales possibilities. Joining a well-run online marketplace will eliminate many of these worries. 

Product  Sourcing: Solved

Joining a marketplace will give you access to more suppliers than you could connect with on your own. The suppliers will all have been vetted, allowing you to complete much of your buying on a single platform. You’ll find pricing, availability, and logistics support in one place and eliminate endless back-and-forth over the phone or email with multiple vendors. This will allow you to complete your quotes, and ultimately, projects, sooner. Transparency in the supply chain will reduce costs due to idle crews forced to the sidelines by product fulfillment delays. 

What’s even better for buyers:  the sellers usually absorb any fees associated with online  marketplaces in exchange for support with logistics and an increased audience.  Buyers see one final price from the vendor, making it easy to fulfill quotes.  

What to Expect

When joining a marketplace, it’s fine to have high expectations. You should. Marketplaces should provide clear and transparent practices, giving you the capability to see real-time inventory. You should know, from the time you place your order, how your order will be fulfilled.  

Here is what else you should expect as a buyer on a nursery and landscape supply marketplace:

  • Increase your overall profitability as a result of transparency and an efficient quoting and ordering process
  • Get instant updates from suppliers about options and availability
  • Remove the pick-up and shipping hassles from your plate; the platform helps to schedule delivery so your labor is at work on the project not on the road

LandscapeHub: The premier connected online marketplace for the green industry 

How It Works

Now that you know why a marketplace is the right online sourcing solution for you, it’s time to look at the roots of LandscapeHub, the premier industry sourcing center for buyers.

LandscapeHub is easy-to-use and intuitive. It gives buyers the ability to search and compare pricing between multiple vendors in one place. 

Payment is also fast and easy on LandscapeHub. There is one central payment process for multiple suppliers, which saves extra work and headaches during reconciliations when your online activity is already available in one place. No more tracking down invoicing and payment to multiple suppliers.

How LandscapeHub Is Different

The marketplace we’ve designed is really the only one of its kind. It puts all the pieces of the process in one platform. 

  • Real-time aggregates of inventory and pricing.
  • Quoting features to get prices then process orders.
  • The entire procurement and sourcing process in one place.

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