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How to get your favorite suppliers on LandscapeHub

Oct 15, 2020 1:46:03 PM / by LandscapeHub

LandscapeHub’s goal is to strengthen the green industry by providing solutions to reduce operational costs, generate market insights, improve workflow efficiency, and promote standardization. As a buyer, you probably find the value of LandscapeHub to be the ability to use one tool/platform to source and secure all your landscaping material needs, and we love to hear that! After all, our goal is to make it easier for buyers and suppliers to work together.

But what if all of the suppliers you like to use aren't on LandscapeHub? Do you have times where you still have to use the (sometimes painful) offline process to place orders outside of LandscapeHub, rather than having everyone centralized in one place? Wouldn't it be easier if ALL of your orders flowed through the same system? We think so too, which is why we've created some helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions for getting your favorite suppliers to join LandscapeHub. After all, they want to help you succeed, and it's great for them to know what will bring them more of your projects. 

Having a conversation with your supplier the next time you're with them is a great place to start. Something as simple as asking, "hey, have you heard about LandscapeHub?" can kick things off in the right direction. Need help answering that question in a way that will appeal to the supplier? Try this: 

"LandscapeHub is a wholesale marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers on one platform. They represent quality suppliers like you across the country, aggregating their available inventory and pricing in one online procurement tool, empowering buyers with a “one-stop-shop” estimating and buying experience and giving suppliers a broader reach and access to new customers."

Is your supplier skeptical? If so, we've included some answers to common questions we get below. (Tip: you could even consider sending them this blog post as a way to peak their interest in joining!):

Isn't joining LandscapeHub the same thing as working with a broker?

There are some similarities between LandscapeHub and brokers. For example, both LandscapeHub and a typical broker will manage the logistics involved in fulfilling an order. However, many brokers do not disclose the source of the product they are selling, and most of them are not using the internet to reach new buyers. Brokers excel in maintaining critical relationships in the supply chain; however, many brokers are still relying on a pen, paper, email, and phone to manage orders and sales. LandscapeHub leverages technology to get suppliers in front of buyers online by combining best in class technology and industry veterans to deliver an improved, streamlined, selling experience. LandscapeHub is a tool to enhance the way PEOPLE work together, not a tool to replace PEOPLE.

Okay, why should I as a supplier join LandscapeHub?

As a supplier on LandscapeHub, you reach a larger audience of qualified buyers from across the country. Your products are listed on our marketplace at no cost, saving time, personnel costs, and marketing expenses. LandscapeHub handles uploading inventories, quoting, and logistics. LandscapeHub also collect payment from the buyers, saving you from dealing with separate invoice collections. The only fee charged to a supplier is at the time of sale.

Will LandscapeHub replace my inside sales representatives?

Our industry is a relationship-based business, and we want to continue and strengthen those relationships while creating new ones. LandscapeHub should be viewed a purchaser’s best friend, not something that's here to replace the vitally important sales and purchaser roles in the industry. LandscapeHub aims to make it easier for suppliers and buyers to connect and place orders online.

What is the supplier fee to be on LandscapeHub and why should I pay it?

LandscapeHub charges suppliers a transaction fee for offering an additional sales channel. By listing your products on LandscapeHub, you gain exposure to potential new customers through a digital sales channel and now have a streamlined process for handling orders. As part of selling on LandscapeHub, you also benefit from LandscapeHub collecting and remitting all necessary sales taxes related to the order on your behalf, which can amount to significant "back office" savings. But perhaps the most compelling value to selling on LandscapeHub is that we give your buyers a convenient way to manage and organize their purchases. 

Will I lose my connection with my customers by joining LandscapeHub?

LandscapeHub will communicate with buyers on your behalf if there are questions concerning availability, quality, or product readiness to save you time having to go back and forth. With that said, LandscapeHub exists to increase efficiencies between buyers and suppliers, and encourages direct communication between buyers and suppliers when and where it makes sense.

Have a supplier that's interested in joining? Have them reach out to us at to continue the conversation. They more of your favorite suppliers that join, the better experience LandscapeHub will be for everyone involved. 


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