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How to quote nearly 90% faster with LandscapeHub

Jul 30, 2020 3:06:42 PM / by LandscapeHub

Recently, we conducted a case study with a large, regional design build firm where we compared how long it would take a purchaser to complete eight quotes of equal size using the traditional offline method versus using LandscapeHub. Do you know what we found? Completing the eight quotes using the "offline way" took 30 hours, but only took 3.5 hours...equal to a 88% time savings. The same quotes also produced an 11% cost saving when using LandscapeHub!

You shouldn't have to spend more time on the actual quote than doing the job. But without a quick way to find out how to source products, it becomes a treasure hunt to find the materials you need and quote them accurately.

If you've faced the challenge of quoting before, and know how time-consuming it can be, you should consider using LandscapeHub. We provide the transparency to see all of the suppliers in our network, with accurate inventory and pricing. It's a great way to tackle landscaping quotes (particularly large quotes) quickly.

How do we help you tackle large quotes?

It's not just the volume of a quote that creates a challenge. If the quote calls for many different products, you're faced with the issue of availability. When putting together a quote like this, LandscapeHub will allow you to check quantities from multiple sources. Since we can help coordinate logistics, you'll also save on freight if you need to order products from more than one supplier. 

We also offer an option that's even easier for large quotes. When you log in to your LandscapeHub account, you will see a pop-up on your dashboard, asking, "have a large bid or order?" We'll source your bulk orders with quality material for the best value for no cost to you. Our customers love this option when they are in a time crunch and need to turn around a quote right away.

Are you quoting numerous products? We can help with that too!

Another challenging quoting scenario that can take A LOT of time is when you have numerous products at different quantities. This type of quote is the one where, on your own, you'd be on the phone for hours just trying to find the product.

We conveniently allow you to search for multiple products at once. One of our platform's most powerful features that we don't talk about enough is how easy our standardized naming convention is to use for searching for what you need. Suppliers' offerings get mapped to our nomenclature, so there's no confusion over what's available and what's not.

So, what are you waiting for?

LandscapeHub, designed by leaders in both the landscaping and technology industries, brings together buyers and vetted, quality suppliers in a network that makes sourcing and procurement work better. With advanced quoting features, you'll be able to quote in no time, with little effort. Just enter what you need, and sourcing begins.

Once all items on your list have been entered, you'll get a quote you can share with a client. It's the fastest way to get landscaping quotes completed.

Next time a client calls with an order, large or small, don't worry, we are here to help.


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