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Market Manager Spotlight

Oct 3, 2022 1:51:05 PM / by LandscapeHub


Meet Alice Tomasello! Alice has been a part of The Hub since January 2022 and manages New York State, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. Learn more about Alice.

How did you get into the Green Industry?

“My journey into horticulture began when I bought my first home. I transformed an acre of wooded property into distinct gardens and became passionately addicted to anything growing. I then began working at a high end nursery and very large landscape contractor in the Hamptons where I was buying for both sides of that business for close to a decade. I was featured as a guest expert on Martha Stewart for two episodes and sold tomatoes to Billy Joel on Mother's Day! After that, I jumped into wholesale sales for 2 different companies for 18 years throughout the NY Metro area and upstate NY.  Then I got a call about LandscapeHub.  I joined in January at MANTS and here I am helping to improve the lives of green industry professionals with innovative solutions.”


What is your favorite plant? 

 “Hands down Helleborus. Evergreen, deer resistant, extremely long blooming, and reliable. More please!”

What are the trends in your territory? 

“There are some exciting trends happening… technology!  People have been catapulted into technology due to Covid and incredible advancements in what tools are available. As you all know, our industry is fairly behind the times in embracing all that technology can offer and we intend to change that. The market I manage continues to be very strong with demand for large specimen trees and we have some new growers joining The Hub that have great selection and proximity as freight continues to be an issue.”


Plant predictions for 2023? 

"Native grasses are still on fire as are sizable evergreens, fastigiate trees and hedges.”


Reach out to Alice for all of your plant needs!

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