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Market Manager Spotlight

Oct 30, 2022 4:23:50 PM / by LandscapeHub


Meet Eric Henley! Eric manages the following territories: 

📍Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine
📍Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C.
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Eric Henley

How did you get into the Green Industry?

"I've been in the green industry since 2010.  I started in irrigation sales for residential properties and large commercial projects and moved into nursery procurement for the last 6 years or so.  Nursery has become a passion of mine and the relationships I've built throughout my career have really helped to accelerate my journey with LandscapeHub.  I love getting out and touring farms to see how suppliers in my market are forecasting availability for future seasons and getting an eye on material that I can sell in my markets."

What is your favorite plant? 

 “I'm a tree guy so some of my favorites are Rising Sun Redbud, Red Rage Tupelo, and European Tricolor Beech."

What are the trends in your territory? 

"Covid really forced the nursery industry into evergreens and conifers as people were looking for privacy in their backyards and outdoor living spaces as they were forced to stay home more than ever before. The calls for screening trees hasn't really died down yet, so there's still a massive amount of interest and needs for large blocks of evergreen material for privacy walls between and property line screens."

Plant predictions for 2023? 

"I think there is some natural questioning of how long the nursery market can continue at the rate we have seen over the past several years.  There are lots of external factors that affect our industry as much as any other such as inflation, product costing increases, and labor shortages. However, construction is still strong so LandscapeHub is still going to be a great resource for buyers to find material needed for their install pipelines. The calls for columnar deciduous trees are more and more frequent and I don't expect that to stop any time soon. Lots of trends won't change such as large caliper tree needs for commercial installs that require instant size and shape. Also, the native shrub and tree market is also growing faster than ever as many designs are spec'ing much more native plant material to their geographic regions."


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