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Media roundup - three important podcasts you may have missed

Aug 13, 2020 1:48:31 PM / by LandscapeHub

Our team has been BUSY this summer, and we're so happy and fortunate that our business continues to thrive during a beyond difficult time in our world. We miss the daily face-to-face interactions with our prospects, customers, and partners, but this time has made us realize just how important a role technology plays and will continue to play in the seasons ahead. Now, more than ever before, we are assured of our mission to improve the lives of green industry professionals through technology and innovation. They will be the keys to help our industry to grow and succeed to the benefit of everyone.

Rather than be modest about WHY our mission is so important RIGHT NOW, we've been getting out there, talking to everyone that will listen because we want to instill confidence in the professionals in our industry and provide them with the knowledge and tools to navigate their businesses right now. Whether you've never operated your business online, or you're a season digital vet looking to learn more about expanding your online sales channel, we've rounded up a few of our recent podcast interviews to give you insight on LandscapeHub and how we can make a difference for your business. 

Distribution Talk Podcast

Lisa Fiore on leading through crisis and optimizing a fragmented supply chain

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“I saw very clearly that this industry was the last bastion of this non-digitized space. I wanted to be the one that brought us into the new technological era.” ~Lisa Fiore, Landscape Hub Lisa Fiore left the family business behind to transform an industry. In this episode, Jason speaks with Lisa, founder and CEO of Landscape Hub, about the challenges that have shaped her management style and the tech she’s created to revolutionize a stodgy wholesale vertical. “Their version of the story is that I grabbed the business and took it from them. My version is they gave it to me,” Lisa laughs, recalling the series of events that ultimately lead to her taking over the family’s century-old landscape supply business in 2010 - at the height of the Great Recession.

Throughout that crisis, Lisa maintained an honest dialogue with her staff and her family about the painful adjustments to come. Fostering that level transparency taught her a great deal about the value of vulnerability, an attribute that has prepared her for the current pandemic. “We all have deep scars from the recession and I guarantee you we're all gonna have deep scars of living through this…[but] it's informed my instincts.”

Challenges should beget meaningful change. That’s a takeaway Lisa has run with throughout her career. After shoring up the family business, she left the company to realize her dream: the creation of an online marketplace connecting buyers and quality suppliers across the country.

But optimizing a fragmented ecosystem is not an easy task - or a quick one.


Growing in the Green Industry Podcast

Women in Landscape Network Takeover

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"In the sixth episode of the Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, members of the NALP Women in Landscape Network (WILN) took over the podcast. NALP’s Jenn Myers, senior director of workforce development, hosted the podcast and was joined by guests Lisa Fiore, co-founder of LandscapeHub, Callan Dudley, general manager of Southern Landscape Group, and Claire Goldman, owner of R&R Landscaping.

These female industry leaders chatted about several topics, including personal stories of growth and advancement, how we can continue to welcome women to the landscape industry (women are currently about 11 percent of all employees) and some new initiatives the WILN is focused on for 2020." 

Coffee with Customers

2020 Key Learnings and 2021 Planning Featuring Clint Albin

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"Join Clint Albin, Retail Strategist from Landscape Hub, and Sam Kirkland from Epicor in a two part series as they review the 2020 Spring season and help get you started on 2021 planning for your business and what you can do to be a step ahead!" 


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