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Working Together to Reimagine our Future

Sep 5, 2023 9:59:01 AM / by LandscapeHub

Last spring, two green industry innovators, RE-TREE and LandscapeHub, joined forces on a revolutionary project. RE-TREE, founded in 2018 by Dennise Vidosh, is on a mission to preserve healthy mature trees and provide property-owners with a more responsible solution to tree removal. With new technologies like pneumatic soil excavation, RE-TREE is able to responsibly transplant mature trees, which not only saves a tree life but also expands mature tree availability to the industry. Vidosh's vision is fostering an endless cycle of giving back to the environment, community and the green industry.   


The Project

The story begins in Brighton, Michigan, at the Green Oak Village Place, a sprawling outdoor shopping mall with big-box stores. Here, Dennise Vidosh discovered a treasure hidden in plain sight – a large group of majestic Ginkgo Biloba 'Princeton Sentry' trees. These resilient trees were part of the shopping mall's parking lot and landscape for years, providing shade, beauty, and cooling benefits to visitors but she knew that in a few years they would reach a size at which they could no longer be safely harvested. Dennise saw an opportunity and reached out to the property owner. 

This is where LandscapeHub, a wholesale marketplace for the landscape industry, entered the picture. A buyer reached out to Joe Juricic, LandscapeHub's Wholesale Territory Manager, in need of a relatively impressive quantity (44) of Large caliper Ginkgo (6"+).  So Joe began "Searching for Unicorns'', and it wasn't long before he discovered Dennise’s rare find. About 6 weeks after her initial discovery, the trees were sold through LandscapeHub and would now make the journey from Michigan to a New York park.

 The lifecycle of that tree is no longer lineal. These trees get to live on. Ginkgos live thousands of years, and these would have been cut down at only age 25 because they were blocking the store front signage.

– Dennise Vidosh, Founder and CEO of RE-TREE

The Removal Process

The goal was ambitious: save these trees from a concrete jungle and relocate them to Long Island, where they will continue to thrive and provide value to the environment and community. It took innovative technologies and the right partners to make it all happen.  



 Every one of these projects is going to be unique. So there will be different challenges every time... We were very blessed that everyone involved was very flexible. They all understood this was something very revolutionary, and they wanted to be a part of it. We all worked through the challenges together from the timing of the replacement trees arriving to the harvesting of the Gingko trees. That’s the point – together we connected the dots [a virtuous cycle].

– Dennise Vidosh, Founder and CEO of RE-TREE

Everyone involved in this project was flexible and accommodating as LandscapeHub and RE-TREE dealt with challenges because, of course, no ambitious project comes without its fair share. Utility lines were uncovered during excavation, requiring special planning and extra time to identify and avoid. The type of soil originally used to plant the trees was also largely loamy-fill, nutrient poor and low in organic matter. RE-TREE knows that in the future, spaces like this can do more than just fulfill "a requirement" for a project. With thoughtful planning and upfront consulting these commercial green spaces can become urban nurseries that help sustainably grow trees for future projects and future generations. That's why RE-TREE has started offering services to clients like the Tree Revenue Program for commercial property owners interested in generating revenue from existing horticultural equity.   


While this project relied on a more familiar tool, a 90" Spade, to remove the trees, it also made use of the AirSpade technology which uses compressed air to quickly, carefully, and safely remove existing mulch and expose the trunk flare’s prior to harvesting the trees.  This innovative technology allows for the preservation of more roots during the bare root transplanting process, making it easier for the trees to adapt to their new home while reducing transplant shock – an important consideration in urban greenery projects. Through the power of collaboration, innovation, and horticultural expertise, the removal process was conducted with utmost care to avoid damage to the utility infrastructure and ultimately ensure the trees' success.

The New Additions


This project isn’t only about finding elusive plants. It’s about making the plant life-cycle cyclical rather than linear. LandscapeHub worked with RE-TREE to select replacement trees that would be marketable in 7-10 years and sourced them from LandscapeHub’s network of amazing suppliers. They ultimately decided on 4 deciduous species: Ginkgo biloba ‘Magyar’, Liriodendron Emerald City, Emerald City Tulip Poplar, and Regal Prince Oak which were all purchased from A. Browns and Sons out of Ohio. 

 All I have done is connect the dots. I want to make this a fun experience for property owners to buy, sell, or relocate their trees. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you now have this opportunity to choose a more responsible solution to tree removal. [to create an urban nursery]."

– Dennise Vidosh, Founder and CEO of RE-TREE

Beyond sourcing the trees and connecting buyer to supplier, LandscapeHub also coordinated the logistics around the deliveries to ensure that all the trees arrived at their new homes in good condition.


A Look to the Future

This transformative project highlights the core mission of RE-TREE. When we can transform urban green spaces like this into urban nurseries by starting trees in healthy soils and treating them as an investment instead of a requirement. By letting them grow and relocating them before they outgrow their space or become a nuisance, we will achieve a "never-ending cycle of giving back" to the environment, community and the industry. 

 If we create this value in their tree inventory, they’ll start caring for those trees. The trees planted in these green spaces and commercial properties now become an asset for them, rather than a huge expense."

– Dennise Vidosh, Founder and CEO of RE-TREE

And what about the technology that powered this remarkable transformation? LandscapeHub played a pivotal role in connecting the dots, streamlining logistics, and making it easier for property owners to buy, sell, or relocate their trees. Dennise Vidosh encourages the industry to embrace such technology, which simplifies complex processes and, ultimately, contributes to a greener, more sustainable world.


 RE-TREE creates a sustainable opportunity for all of us to make a big difference. And with LandscapeHub’s technology creating more exposure for the material on our marketplace, we can scale this thing. Our world would be a completely different place if we start respecting these things:  the environment, nature, other human beings.

I understand from an outsider's perspective, when you’ve been doing something for so long, we’re creatures of habit, but I really encourage our entire industry to adopt new technologies [like RE-TREE and LandscapeHub] that make their whole life a lot easier, because the technology does the work for you."

– Dennise Vidosh, Founder and CEO of RE-TREE


This RE-TREE and LandscapeHub project is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. The knowledge and experience gained from this project can help others navigate the challenges of urban greenery projects successfully.


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