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Supplier Spotlight: Horseshoe Nursery

Oct 18, 2022 1:00:45 PM / by LandscapeHub

As experienced growers for the past 15 years, Horseshoe Nursery focuses on producing quality plants that their customers depend on at a great price. Their customers consist of garden centers, nurseries, plant wholesale yards, and landscapers. 

What does Horseshoe Grown mean?

It means growing high-quality plant material at an affordable price. In addition to the hundreds of varieties that they grow as part of our production efforts, they also specialize in ‘custom growing’ plants to your specifications. They utilize a proprietary drip irrigation process that helps assure the customer of healthy, robust plants with a well-established root system. Get the plants you need for that special job, grown to the varieties, quantities, and ready when you need them.



More on Horseshoe Nurseries drip irrigation

1. Reduced Water Usage – By directly targeting the root zone, water isn’t wasted on areas that won’t benefit the plant.
2. Healthier Foliage – Overhead watering means the leaves of the plant stay wet long after irrigating. Wet leaves cause discoloring and spotting. With drip irrigation, the plant's leaves remain dry.
3. Prevents Fungus – Wet leaves cause fungi such as powdery mildew to spread. Drip irrigation keeps foliage dry and helps prevents fungus.
4. Prevents Water Runoff – Drip irrigation is a gentle, steady drip and reduces the amount of runoff, therefore reducing water run-off.
5. Reduces Weeds – Since areas in between the plants won’t be receiving water, weeds are less likely to grow.
6. Nutrient Runoff Minimized – When a large volume of water runs off the soil surface, it depletes nutrients in that soil. Since drip irrigation reduces run-off it reduces the loss of nutrients.
7. Doesn’t Require Location Leveling and Drainage – Typical sprinkler irrigation setups leave a lot of water on the surface of the soil. This means drainage and site location is required to prevent standing water. With drip irrigation, this isn’t as necessary since less water is being used and the water is being direct to the root system.

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