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The Hub's Favorites for Fall Color

Aug 25, 2022 2:20:17 PM / by LandscapeHub

With Fall right around the corner, we want to showcase some of our favorites that will add vibrant fall color to your projects. These plants won't disappoint when the weather starts to turn cooler - add the Hub's Fall favorites to your order today!



 Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire'

     This native variety has fiery red foliage             that emerges in the fall. Its pyramidal                 shape and low maintenance care make it           an easy choice for landscapes. 

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Ginkgo-biloba-Autumn-Gold  Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'

      This statuesque shade tree is considered          one of the best Ginkgo cultivars currently        available. This male variety produces e              excellent yellow fall color which may                 persist for weeks. When leaves fall, they           do so within a few short days, creating a           dramatic golden carpet. 

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 Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple

      This symmetrical, full-size tree flourishes         with thick, glossy green leaves during the        spring and summer and then shines in the        fall when its leaves turn a vibrant mix of            red, orange, and yellow. 

             Image Source: Missouri Botanical Garden

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 Kentucky Coffee Tree

     Both a shade and ornamental tree, the               Kentucky Coffee tree is drought tolerant         and great for large spaces. In the fall the           leaves turn beautiful shades of yellow                 that  compliments its maturing pods. 

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  Purple Dome New England      Aster

     This late-season native cultivar forms a  .         bushy mound 2 feet in height and 3 feet in       width. Sturdy stems support medium                 green leaves through summer, giving rise         to an abundance of dark purple daisy-like         flowers 1.5 inches in diameter from                     August into October. 

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  Heuchera 'Black Pearl'

      This beauty thrives in both sun and                       shade. Topped with white flowers and               paired with its jet black scalloped leaves,         it's a no-brainer why this Proven                           Winners®  perennial is one of our top               picks for fall! 

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  Autumn Joy Showy                      Stonecrop

     This classic late-flowering perennial                   Sedum has fleshy, toothed, succulent-               like leaves. Its flowers faded rose-red                 and eventually copper-brown in fall.                   Stems and spent flowers often persist               into winter.

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  Goldsturm Sullivantii Black    Eyed Susan

     This clump forming perennial grows 2 ..              feet in height and matures to 2 feet in               width. The 3 to 4 inch yellow daisy                       flowers typically emerge in late May or            Early June, continuously blooming until            fall. 

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  Dark Knight Bluebeard

    This compact, deciduous shrub has dark          purple flowers that bloom from late                    summer through the fall. The vibrant                  flowers combined with the dark green              leaves make for a striking look in the                  cooler months. 

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  Russian Sage

     This lavender-purple perennial will                     bloom well into the fall. Russian Sage is a         hummingbird's favorite in late fall as                   they fuel up for their journey south. 

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  Nandina domestica 'Fire          Power'

     This vibrant shrub has brilliant red                       foliage as the weather turns cooler and             last through the winter. Its low                              evergreen  mound makes for great                      borders and containers.

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Fothergilla gardenii 'Mount Airy'

  Fothergilla gardenii 'Mount    Airy'

     This compact shrub will bring lasting   ..             color to any landscape with its red,                       yellow, or purple foliage.

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 Image Source: Missouri Botanical Garden







  Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea

     Add an impressive pop of vibrant                           crimson color to your landscape with                 Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea. 

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  Common Witchhazel

     The coarsely dentate obovate leaves                    emerge in spring becoming a neat                       medium green by summer turning                         pleasant shades of yellow in fall. In fall,             sometimes before leaf drop, yellow                     fragrant strap-like petals emerge in sets           of 4 from tan buds between the months           of October and December. 

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