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What's Trending on LandscapeHub: Flowering Bulbs

Sep 21, 2022 2:47:13 PM / by LandscapeHub

Plant your flowering bulbs now for vibrant spring color! Check out our large selection of bulbs ranging vastly in color, shape, and size that will bloom beautifully come spring.

Bulbs are great landscaping options for beds, borders, and edging. They provide structure and uniformity and are typically planted before their blooming season. Planting bulbs during the fall season helps them promote root growth and provides the bulbs with the chilling period they need to bloom in the spring. 

The best temperatures to plant bulbs are between 40 or 50 degrees, or about six weeks before the ground freezes which will depend on your location. 



Hub Tip: Tulips look best when planted in groups. The rule of thumb is to plant 9-12 bulbs for every square foot of landscape you are planting for. 




Hub Tip: When planting daffodil bulbs you should plant them around 3"-6" deep and 4"-5" apart.

Make sure to plant them in the ground with the point side upright. 




Hub Tip: Plant allium bulbs in well-drained soil that has full sun for the best blooms come spring.



Hub Tip: Hyacinthus bulbs should be planted in zones 3-8 and make sure the area they are planted in gets at least 4 hours of sun per day!




Hub Tip: Unlike other bulbs, lily bulbs do not have a protective covering. You should plant lily bulbs as soon as you get them to prevent them from drying out. 




Hub Tip: Plant iris bulbs in a sunny area for prime flowering. 


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