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Jun 29, 2022 1:07:40 PM / by LandscapeHub

Learn about exciting new features to become a LandscapeHub pro!

Buyer Features ✨

Speed up purchasing by reordering from a previous order 

Our new Reorder option can save you valuable time if you're restocking or using a small plant palette. It allows you to start a new cart from a previous order. Simply go to the Orders page, find the order you wish to duplicate, and click the 'Reorder Items' link above the items list. All items get added to a new cart where you have the option to make additional edits.

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Track your orders and spend with advanced filtering

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We’ve added more filtering capabilities to the Orders page. You can filter your orders by submitted date or expected date, supplier, status, products, order/PO number, and order name. You can also export reports with your filters applied! Hit the ‘Export’ button and select the best export option for your needs.

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Collaborate with your team on Hubsheets

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View and edit any Hubsheet created within your company! Think of how handy this could be! For an estimator: finished estimating? Pass your Hubsheet on to your purchaser! For a purchaser: leaving town or changing roles? Pass your Hubsheet on to your coworker!

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Supplier Features

Upload an invoice directly to LandscapeHub

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When accessing orders in the Hub, you can mark an order as picked up or delivered and upload the invoice, helping you get paid faster!

You’ll be prompted to select a fulfillment date and provide an invoice document. A document must be uploaded to mark the order as Fulfilled. Our finance team is notified as soon as you submit and gets right to work.

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Stand out on LandscapeHub

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Wanna show off your facility and stand out to new buyers? Send us your photos! We’ve added a photo gallery to supplier pages so you can showcase your facilities, processes, staff, and more. We can also update your inventory with your own product imagery.

View Order History.

order history img

You can now easily view the history of an order. You’ll be able to see how you or another team member responded to an order, any notes added by you or LandscapeHub, and when an order was updated or fulfilled.

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